Psychological Factors that will Affect Your Female Libido

You might wonder what destroys your interest in making love and you found it weird that all of a sudden you don’t want to do said thing. If you are taking drugs like contraceptives and any kind of medicine, then it might possibly be the reason. That is why you have to be watchful on the medicines that you take because it might be the cause to lessen your female libido. If it is not, then it may be stress, perhaps your children (if you have), and other factors that is stressful.

Female Libido

For this reason, you have to be careful on everything that you eat, because what you eat is what you are. Your daily habit may be one of the causes that affect your interest in making love. Aside from it is not good for your reproductive state; it is also harmful for your immune system and makes it weak. It is very important that we consume food that contains nutrients that will be needed by our body and it will be helpful to defend our body from any diseases. There are female enhancements that assist those women to develop their sex life.

As what is stated above, there are common instances that kills female libido and will affect the performances when it comes in having sexual intercourse. Our emotional, mental, physical deficiencies   may also be the reason. The decrease of woman libido may be because of some psychological factors.

These are:

  • PAINFUL PAST – woman who experience hurtful event in her past may affect her feeling towards sex. Especially if the case is sexual harassment and other circumstances that causes trauma. So, for the men out there who has a partner that has trouble in her past, do not reject her because it might change your feelings for her. I know it is not simple, but all you can give to her is your full support and try to help her mend her broken heart and change her point of view in life into a positive one through your love. And it will assure you that it will resolve your problem.
  • SELF-ESTEEM – having self-confidence is one of the most important factors to have a well sex life. Mostly of the woman are very particular when it comes to their vital statistics. They really see to it that their partner will be having fun on the moment that she take her clothes off and doing seductive actions. As we all know, men are very attracted to gorgeous woman. As a result, the woman becomes frustrated. But no matter what happens, physical features will not matter if you truly love the person. So, for your partner to have self-confidence when you are about to have sexual intercourse, appreciate her in every way that will boost her confidence and also add to her sex drive.

That is why you have to change your perspective and change your lifestyle. If you love your family makes sure that you are always healthy so that you will be able to give love and protect them.

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